Bishop Bobby Jones, Sr.

Bishop Bobby Jones Sr. was born the fifth child of eight to the union of the late Mr. Willie and Mrs. Dorothy Jones in Allendale, S. C. He accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior at the young age of nine years old. He was the only person in his household living for Christ at the time. At this tender age, he was exposed to the Holy Spirit through an Apostolic church called Gethsemane House Of Prayer. This nine year old would walk a mile going and coming to and from church, even at night. Although, he did not understand at the time, this sacrifice was the beginning of a magnificent legacy.

Bishop Jones began singing at the age of six years old with a group called the All Star Angels. The All Star Angels eventually became the Pilgrimaires and toured Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida singing about the Gospel of Christ. Bishop Jones and the Pilgrimaires recorded "On my way to the Promised Land" in 1982. Bishop Jones also recorded a project called "Come to the Light" along with the Anointed Voices in 2002.

Bishop preached his first message at the age of 14 years old. At this time, he held many positions in his church, Faith Temple COGIC in Gifford, SC, including choir director, musician, Sunday School teacher, and any other job which needed to be done. He eventually saw his family members come to the church and receive Christ one by one. When asked what he thought convinced them, he says, "they saw the change in me. I said nothing to them. They just saw God change my life and knew if he could do it for me He could do it for anyone."

Bishop Jones accepted the call to preach and was licensed on July 21, 1981. He immediately ran revival for three weeks in the Allendale/ Fairfax area for the late Elder James Brabham, his Pastor at the time. Under Elder Brabham, he became associated with the East Central Georgia Jurisdiction, with the late Bishop R. D. Fields as Presiding Bishop. In March 1982, he was ordained an Elder and was appointed Sunday School Superintendent and Assistant Pastor to Elder Frank Hart at Brantley Temple Church of God In Christ in Millen, Georgia. On August 4, 1987 Bishop Fields appointed him pastor of Faith Temple Church in Dublin, Georgia where he still serves as Pastor today. Bishop Jones was also assigned to pastor several other churches including Mt. Ararat church in Ailey GA in 1991, Robertson Memorial church in Columbia SC in 1997, and an interim position at St. Mark Baptist Church in Allendale SC in 1999.

In 1989, Bishop Jones helped the late Bishop W. M. Jenkins to find and organize The New Life Pentecostal Holiness Churches of God in Christ which included Faith Temple Church in Dublin, Mt Ararat in Ailey Ga., Simmons Temple in Collins, Ga., Roberson Memorial in Columbia, SC, Faith Temple #2 in Gifford, S.C. and Brantley Temple Church in Millen Ga. Because of his faithfulness and dedication to God and Bishop Jenkins, in 1991 he was consecrated to the office of Bishop and appointed 1st Assistant Bishop to Bishop Jenkins. Early in 1993 he was selected by Bishop Jenkins to serve as Acting Presiding Bishop during his illness. Later that year, after the death of Bishop Jenkins, Bishop Jones was unanimously appointed by the General Assembly to serve as Presiding Bishop and CEO. In 1999 he founded and organized New Life Church of God In Christ in a rented building in Blackville, S. C. Through many sacrifices and the favor of God, he was blessed to move the church to Allendale and built a great edifice. On March 24, 2007, the Board of Directors voted to change the name of the organization of churches to New Life Pentecostal Holiness House of Love, Inc. Each church in the organization followed suite in the name change.

Bishop Jones was educated in Allendale County schools where he was a scholar, multi-sport athlete, and talented singer. He was honored with the senior choral award even as a freshman in high school and continued to win this award throughout high school. At graduation, he was offered eight scholarships (4 music scholarships and 4 football scholarships) to prestigious institutions across the country including Hampton University in Virginia and Clemson University in South Carolina. Amid many opportunities to move and establish himself in larger cities, Bishop Jones decided to invest his life into his home community and his home state, Allendale SC. With a determination for higher education, Bishop graduated from Morris College School of Religion in 1995 and furthered his education by attending Carolina Theological Bible Institute in Bowman, South Carolina where he received a Bachelor's degree in Christian Counseling in 2004 and a Masters Degree in Christian Counseling in 2007 and in 2010 he received his Doctorate Degree . He was a faithful employee at Dixie-Narco in Williston SC from 1979- 2007 when God released him to establish his own financial services business through Primerica.

Bishop Jones has served the Allendale community faithfully for over thirty years through outreach, advocacy, and spiritual guidance. He served on the executive board of First Steps program for 6 years and acted as chair of this board for four of the six years. First Steps is an initiative to prepare children, birth to five years old, to attend school. In addition, he has led an afterschool rehabilitation program in partnership with the Department of Juvenile Justice since 2005. When the funding for this program did not materialize, Bishop Jones funded the program out of his pocket. In addition to the afterschool program, Bishop Jones serves on the regional transition board with the Department of Juvenile Justice. This board is responsible for helping youth transfer from incarceration back into society. Also, Bishop Jones serves on the local FEMA board and the Healthy Start consortium board in Allendale County. In 2010, Bishop Jones is actively serving as the chair of the United Way campaign for Allendale County. Finally, Bishop Jones served as Assistant Head Coach of the Allendale-Fairfax varsity men's basketball team from 1995 to 2004. Under his leadership, this team won the only State Basketball Championship in the school's history in 2002. Bishop Bobby Jones, Sr. has dedicated his life to the youth of the low country. He is determined to make a difference in his community. In August of 2010 Bishop Jones opened The Allendale site for The Carolina Theological Bible Institute (CTBI) and in 2012 his first class graduated with their Bachelors Degree in Christian Education and Christian Counseling. The School is growing and is scheduled to graduate it's first Masters class in December 2013. God is so good.

Concerning family, Bishop Jones is married to First Lady Brenda Jones and together they have six children (Bobby Jr., Eric, Erica, Sheila, Kirby, and Emily) and ten grandchildren. When asked about his most fond memory, Bishop Jones immediately proclaims his relationship with Jesus. "Everything happened for me after He came into my life." When asked about important life lessons, Bishop will tell anyone, "Even when quitting is an option, you do not quit." Some of his famous quotes include "Nothing from nothing leaves nothing" and "Don't worry, be happy, because God loves you", and of course the motto of the New Life Pentecostal Holiness churches, "Pursue, Overtake, and Recover All!"

The greatest lessons I have ever learned, I learned while Bishop Jones was in the midst of trying times. As he stood to eulogize his mother and his young grandson I learned to STAND. No matter what life throws at you, STAND. No matter what obstacles come your way, STAND. Even when friends and family forsake you, STAND. As Ephesians chapter 6 teaches us, after we have done all we can, we must STAND.