Monthly Achievement Report

***This form is due on the 5th of every month to the Organizational Administrator.***

New Life Pentecostal Holiness House of Love, Inc. Goals:

  1. Pursue- We will attend to the needs of God's people and pursue the practice of hospitality (Romans 12:13). We will eagerly pursue harmony, unity, and the mutual edification and development of one another (Romans 14:19). We will pursue the enemy by standing against everything that directly opposes the Will and Word of God through ministry, outreach.
  2. Overtake- We will encourage Godís people to take control of their lives and their circumstances. We will help others take hold of every situation that has held them back in life by teaching them to recognize their power and authority through Christ Jesus. We will conquer everything that directly opposes the Will and Word of God.
  3. Recover all- We will empower the people of God to overpower the enemy and live in the freedom of relationship with Christ Jesus. We will take hold of everything that belongs to us through the Will and Word of God.

Please list your accomplishments this month and state which New Life goal that accomplishment falls under

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